Finale Booster 10-4

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Author Lightning55
Tags action author:lightning55 finale playable rated utopian
Created 2008-10-30
Last Modified 2008-10-30
by 9 people.
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Description I was going to save this for my 100th map, but I decided to try to finish the map pack before that.

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So I recorded myself speaking with 1000 attempts, spanning across three hours. I figured I'd get to at least the fourth exit within that time, but I didn't, so I decided I would take the video I recorded and crop it into this epic montage of deaths to certain mines that plagued me, as well as a few other things such as how every time I started singing a song I got pretty far.

However when I tried to stop the recording and save it Camstudio was like "HUGE BITCH BLUH BLUH" so yeah.
I might give you another avatar threatening ded.

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It is just too long, so I like multiple doors.

Last door.



No I'm kidding. Second door.
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It took me about 20 mins to AGD that specific room.


First door. I am going to AGD this before FGI because this is, quite frankly, much more manageable.
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It is <3. I like it more than 10-1, honestly. I guess it's cause it's a change of scenery though. o-o



That adds another

to your to-do list.




This is insane

But surprisingly well done. 3.5 up
The others are just plain difficult.


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good god O.O

this is like *worse* than MGI

when i say "worse" i mean tedious. that rocket part was cool.
im just gonna aim for a completion now
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I dont like this


I would think this map is around a 3-4 anyways.
The first one is actually pretty easy. The thwump, chaingun and laser are especially hard and the minejumper right above where you start.


accidently voted 5
lucky you

way too tediuos

and hard for my likeing