Five Years

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Author autosurfer
Tags author:autosurfer playable rated
Created 2008-10-31
Last Modified 2008-10-31
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description I hope this won't get overrated!
DED to Rule
Top gold is little bit tricky

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Maybe check my latest art. I know you will like it.
Don't get scared because of the numbers of ratings.
It's been on top of the rated list for 16 houres now.
So maybe you will still find it there ^^

i just realised

autosurfer would be an awesome band name.

i liked it mostly.

but the enemy placement wasnt very appealing to me.



Did you play my last map? It plays better then it looks :)


Dead AGD
Demo Data
How dare you make it so impossible!
If you keep going you get the hang of it. And then you see....
That this map is 198/5avedaved and aved again!
I can not wish me a better Ded. :')

AGD, my best AGD so far :) and I'm proud;
Demo Data


Not me!

Oh noes!

Attention! Gasp!


hope you don't get over-rated.
5!!! >:)


The seeker drones were a little passive, but other than that the map was pretty cool. 4
(atleast for the AGD)