Zipline 29403

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Author geti
Tags action author:geti dedication flow playable race rated
Created 2008-11-03
Last Modified 2008-11-03
by 6 people.
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Description alternative "light" tiles at, with a preview url and everything.
these dark tiles are a little more me though.
dedicated to 29403
enjoy. its flowy again.

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Hated the start

liked the rest. 4.5v/5

Good night ^^

O, and it's like afternoon here ^^.
But still I'm like zzzzzzz

damnit tri-comment

should i update with the key or not?
bleh i dont think i will, i like it more like this anyway :P


just saw your demo. nice.

oh lol

forgot a key. i though something was missing XD
ohwell. i suppose its for fun purposes only. smooth, me.
just did a few great dodges and thinking I was invincible, fell on a mine. . .
I don't get the area at the bottom though, since it is completely avoidable. (and fun)
Demo Data


thanks for ded, that's real nice of you. 5aved.


love it. Great job


i think i fxcked something up in it, cant remember. might have been the slope.
i seem to keep making genre-benders, i can never decide if i like action or race better..
meh, someone eat my demo please.
Demo Data