Thwump Challenge 13

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Author Lightning55
Tags author:lightning55 challenge nreality playable rated thwump
Created 2008-11-03
Last Modified 2008-11-03
by 7 people.
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Description It isn't too hard to get a completion. AGD is a lot more fun. I'd say this is a bit easy. Tell me and I'll see how much I can speed it up by.

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and super beast demo AMLT.
Oh well, it was somewhat of a challenge, not really. I tried.
Eh, this map was pretty boring for me. I am a fan of your thwump levels,(you're one of the few people who know how to use them well) but I didn't like this one. I,ll give it a 3.25.
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sorry for the dubble bubble post

agd hm GTM's right

kinda cool though
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You should always state when you use FBF, it's unfair on other users if you don't.
Sub 500 ;)
Demo on NReality ofc.
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Oh well

I fbf most of my demos. And sub-500 should be possible if you fbf.
You submitted your demo as though you'd done that playing normally.

Almost beat your FBF demo.
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I fbf'ed it.

Getting faster

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Demo Data

Very speedy AGD

5 because it's fun to highscore.
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not too fast but not too slow either.
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then the last tight squeeze. You had to make it through before the last thwump squeezed out your running space. The first was way too easy though =P

Pretty solid

But kinda short, and the vertical thwump was kinda unbalanced with the rest of it. 3.5 up