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Author Lightning55
Tags author:lightning55 dda nonplayable rated short
Created 2008-11-04
Last Modified 2008-11-04
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description Not me at my best, but there are close calls throughout, not only in the beginning this time.

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Yeah, I know PS

I just tried more bounce blocks, but it interfered with what I already had. I got the ninja to go through the chaingun, which I thought was cool (even though it was right after the chaingun's last shot). At least these are getting a bit longer, and a bit better with each one.

You should've made it longer.
You missed some opportunities for some great close calls. Overall, there just wasn't enough close calls, and the chaingun could've been used much better.

In addition to Lightning55's tips, here's [] a guide for making DDAs. bluenin, Wizard2, and Dead_N are also excellent DDA makers. Also, never forget that the point of a DDA is to create excitement, which is usually done by getting close calls, not by merely moving the ninja around the map. If a DDA ever gets boring, you're doing something wrong.


it is supposed to be small.


WAY too small 3/10

I'm not a DDA god.

Unlike several others. Especially when it is so small. My action maps are big, so I am quite uncomfortable making small maps. I make small DDA's because they are short. I don't have the time to spend 20+ hours on a DDA.

I think you did a nice job putting a chaingun in, but there wasn't many close calls and it was rather boring. 2.5^

Hints & Tips

-use many types of propulsion
-put enemies before laying the pathway
-talk to psychosnail and kwiftee (clifty), incluye and undead pie too and many others
-spend lots and lots of time
-look and try to use the guides on the forums


only real close call was at the end
check out my maps?

pretty good, do you have any hints for dda making?

pretty good, do you have any hints for dda making?

Pretty decent

Short, but good. Fits the description, 3.5