these teenage landscapes

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue unrated youthmovies
Created 2008-11-05
Last Modified 2008-11-05
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Description make paragons of animal behaviours

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This is cool

I like the tileset. The way you added the objects added a feeling that makes you want to stay on the tiles...all day loooonnnnggggg......
4 faved aswell like almost all your other maps o_O
I loved it, especailly the part on the right with the mines. ^^


Slowest AGD.
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I dont really like the change in the tileset. Looks a little overdone to me.


rockets are quite blindsighting
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Whyz Can't I rate??



thank you sir


after deliberation, i love the changes. here's my only AGD, also unfortunately my worst demo.
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I agree.

I messed up the tentacles. Thanks for the rate! ^^
And for being honest and, well, not just like; WOW! ART! 5!
Thanks for that ^^

The launchpad

makes the map for me, so no ty :)
Maybe a couple of bounceblocks?
Although I take back what I said about your last few maps. I've just played 'we share our mother's health' and the atmosphere in that was brilliant.
changes were entirely superficial.


woah. it changed...


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Really, uncult?

I think my last few are heaving with the stuff.

Perhaps not this one, though. I wanted to keep it as clean and open as possible, perhaps I've sacrificed too much?


This demo is only cool because I got lots of close calls. This map is only cool because its freaking fun!
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Very fun,

but your last few maps have been distinctly lacking in atmosphere; the one thing that makes your maps so exceptional.

Pretty cool map

Plenty of potential for some nice jumping.


I added a FG.

Slow AGD, lets see you pros kick it some.
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completion. very fun. AGD also fun, but i hath no time.

faved, i think.
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