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Author rule
Tags author:rule featured n-art non-playable rated tha-squid-v1
Created 2008-11-05
Last Modified 2009-08-24
by 130 people.
Map Data

Description Teehee! RCE! ^^
25 hours on top. Dronies nomination, Yay! Rz

This map was featured on 2008-12-03

When you think of rule, you think of a lot of things, such as action maps, terrific tilesets, awesomeness, great gold placement, and banana, among other things. However, rule has surprised everyone with a fantastic, funny, and unique creation. "Tha Squid v1" is a perfect example of what n-arts are supposed to be. Now I know there are plenty of people that would completely disagree with me, but if you take the time to look and see how much effort and care that has actually been put into this, you would understand my point. Bravo! — tinkers7777

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Nice N-Art

Nothing spectacular, but well done. :)

Nice one.

I think I've seen this before(or something like this), but the other person used a magnifying glass and a plank of wood.

Your art is pretty good. i Like. =D

U should look at my things also.
I am coming back with only one more map and I'm moving on with my life.

My maps take way too long to make.
And ban-ball is much more fun to make map-art in.


This is sweet!
thats a bad thing.
cause i want it finished.
hey i havent voted yet!!!

Nope :)

I was planning to. But since this one has gotten so much attention, it would just be a cheap way to continue the succes.

So no. No colored version


u typed in title v1. does that mean theres gonna be a better version?!?!?!?!
But this one seems to be more charismatic. Number of ratings doesnt discern which is better imo, seeing, as that's a largely random number most of the time.


i think this one is better. but they're both pretty good ^^


I think this one is way better man!
This is bad compared to Tha Elephant.


Amazing. You can see the detail he put into it. It looks really 3D and it doesn't look pixellated at all. In fact, it looks like it was a painting that he put on NUMA. 5aved.

Well, I was...

I wanted to do a colored version of this one.
But this one had so much attention, so creating a v2 would be seen as trying to get even more attention.
So, no, not anymore.

So are you thinking

of doing a V2?
Let's change the discussion topic to here!
People, people....

As ionman asked,

I made a DDA out of it.
Now it should get instant 5's for being DDA !AND! n-art.

ps3 rox

mgs4 > big library > wacky remotes

ps3 sux


Very artistical

this is awsome


"This map is awesome 5aved."


it be awesome if someone could make a dda out of this???



All further comments on this map that perpetuate these petty little arguments will be deleted.

Hang it up people.

i played it

it wasnt very good.

The featured list

is for anything the reviewer sees fit to highlight. Regardless of how old it is, or how much attention it's already received.

One of the reasons I allowed tinkers the position is because his view of what makes a worthy map differs greatly from the views of the reviewers already on the roster, and it certainly has added a little extra colour...

Personally, I'm not a fan of Narts being featured, but it's not my place to discriminate or dictate in that regard, and neither is it anyone else's.

Leave the reviewers be. If you think you can do better, apply for a position yourselves. Or in the case of the inactive reviewers who are complaining on this page perhaps even step up like you should be doing and show others by example what a great map can be rather than cramming it down their throats.


I didn't want to upset him. Man, I should've carried on, I rather enjoyed it.

Why the heck

did the farman back down purely because rule threw a hissy fit? I wish people did that when I threw them.

"I'm cranky, with a bad case of bigheadedness, accept my views!"

"This isn't Feature-worthy"
"This IS Feature-worthy"
"It's an opinion"
"This soooo isn't Feature-worthy"

Wait, what?

featuring isn't an archive of the best maps

The original intention was something like a hall of fame... so, you may be a little off there. Obviously not ALL the best maps are here, as TCM still hasnt been featured. Still, my point is valid.

No one knows

Its the curse of rule :)
Why isn't your profile working?


All I'm saying is that I don't think this should be featured, and that it was rather foolish of tinkers to review it. I'm not saying it's bad or anything, just it got a load of attention lavished on it when it came out, the description says that for itself. Maybe I overreacted a bit, and it was rather immature of me to post that, but I was angry that such a popular map was featured, featuring isn't an archive of the best maps, it's an archive of maps that the reviewer finds to be special. This is not special, plenty have been done before. Sorry to overreact, but can you see my point?


Don't go asking questions and things.
I'm out for a while. My pc broke. Sorry guys. See you all some time.
O, i forgot to mention.
Spud, don't appologize for your opinion. I can have some critics. I had enough now i suppose. I like your critics. ^^
o, and PALEMOON, I love your sense of humor.
try again next comment you guys :)
I don't get your point exactly.