Aztec Gold

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Author UniverseZero
Tags author:universezero birthday dda kradda myfirst rated
Created 2008-11-10
Last Modified 2008-11-10
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description My First Ever KRADDA.

I took me about a year, on and off, to make; I could have done it in a month if I had actually dedicated myself.

It's pretty noob-ish, but I started it a year ago and wanted to finish it. This is also my first Birthday map, which I will submit on my birthday, on which (hopefully) you will see some of my best maps every year.

Also, the inspiration for this map was gold delay, as when I first discovered it I thought it was amazing. But now, it just seems ordinary.

Anyway, I've made it now, so Rate, Comment and Enjoy. Also: be more constructive with your feedback, please.

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I -is- my first DDA... cut me some slack. ;_;

agree with The_Farman and tomthebomb
i do not understand how this map get a 4/5
i like your maps but this is very boring and annoying.
You are a genius in mapping but this is FAIL



a good kradda

but lots of lag and the fact that too many launchpads
if i were u, stick to making the tile lvls


too many launchpads so 1.5/5, but since its kradda, 3/5




i just realised sometin.


So well.. um.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D

Unexpectedly, I found that the bit with the bounceblocks in the columns was good, but the rest of it seriously lacked. NR.


i think this level looks cool, though i can't get the code(not yet at least).
This is my first though; I expect my second to be way better.

cool level 4/5


WAY too many jumppads, it lagged too, plus i didnt like the decorations (just my personal opinion). Try to use tiles instead of that bounceblock/oneway thing, and make those tiles TIGHT, KRADDAs are all about fitting a rocket into tight spaces, N's close calls werent bad, i liked the bit with the gold delay and the drone. Also try to make the rocket go through tiles, its not as hard as it seems, just make a rocket go through the thinnest part of a tile, (4 tiles are easiest). Also, check out my first and second
KRADDA, the second one is WAY better, look at the improvement, and thats only 2 DDA's.

3.5, but ill give you a 4
if you can.

asside from that, this is froopin incredible for a first.


I know, the jump pads and gold delay are noobish, but I didn't know that when I started making it.


that wasnt bad, kid. :D 4/5