Take all my Rubles

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Author Nand_Mustard
Tags author:nand_mustard rubles unrated
Created 2008-11-10
Last Modified 2008-11-10
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Description 3rd map; Nan__d_Chaser is back! Rate, comment, and move to Russia!

BTW, if you can guess who made the objects, you win a ded. Same with first AGD

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nice job

i liked it.. very fun.



(pleas see my lvls? and comment?)



who are you? nan_d_chaser, or mustardude?


First, i never saw diminishedd6's maps he delisted all of them b4 i could see them

secondly, sarah palin would not go down well, after yahoozy's coment of propaganda I might stop politically focused tilesets


Nan__d made the objects... nice try

im goin to bed

see you tomorrow.


its an agd anyway,..
Demo Data
heh. you two have a collab account or something?