idiot pilot

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue featured unrated wolves
Created 2008-11-11
Last Modified 2008-11-11
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Description something's missing... oh, I know!

This map was featured on 2008-12-07

idiot pilot is not your average laser-dodging map.

Loaded with wonderful paths, idiot pilot is just oozing with atmosphere. NUMA extraordinaire astheoceansblue’s [] massive talent for crafting maps is quite obvious here. The aerial platforms allow the player to move around very freely, while dodging a pesky pair of lasers.

Congratulations sir, you’ve certainly outdone yourself here. — RadiumFalcon

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Yes you are atob. Noone else can make a map as great as yours :D

Though you haven't made as many as a lot of others (depending on what you define "lot")
5 Faved

Very fun.

Best laser map I've ever played.
It took me, like ten minutes to notice the trees. XD They add a nice touch.
if southpaw doesn't post his soon.

nice job

good job man



New feature soon?

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Seriously speaking, your my favorite author atm.


All gold demo.

Nice and simple. I like it. 4/5
Demo Data

This map

has a strange essence. I'll demo later.


Really crazy on the bottom. Fun.
Demo Data


die trees die []
Oh yeah, there's my comment. >.>

This is still fun.

Like I said.

It's built for devious play, not obvious flow. You gotta make that rocket your bitch, man.

Well like, I really

wanted to start by jumping for both of the lower gold things, and straight into the tunnel with the rocket, but no luck.
but You can't argue with opinion, apparently :p

I liked it

Maybe not as much as some of your others, but I understand you were aiming for slow gameplay. It's still pretty good though. My favorite part was the beginning with the rocket of course. ^_^

It might be

that you're trying to hard to find a flow, minty?

I built this as a stealth map for slow, considered gamplay.

a g d
Demo Data
as agreeing with mintnut
like i always do
It just seems to lack flow, there will be one really brilliant piece of flow, but then it falls apart, I just can't seem to string any kind of run out of this.


Thats some bad typo Harry
RF's right without exxageration imo. In some ways the map really didnt need a bottom.

Thanks man.

That was a nice surprise indeed :)


An atob feature.

Some of the best laser-work I've ever seen.


I really like this.

You can just move really well in there.
The way you can run about amongst them just feels so good.
but there seems to be many new users these past few days. Can you do a check to see if it is a multi-accounter or if it is just a fluctuation with many new people wanting to join the community. If you can't, that's fine. I just want to know what is going on because there are many poorly constructed maps on the front page, and many of them are names which I have never seen before (and have a few maps submitted within a day or two), therefore, new users.

Thanks again.

For the map, it kinda looks like the gold placement on a map in your map pack. The map's name is "indie girls and skinny jeans." That rocket is a lot more annoying than it seems and the lasers pop out whenever I'm not expecting it.

well thought out

i liked the mines and the tree reference 4
and I liked how just getting the chance to bounce around the platforms was like its own reward
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Really fun map.

2 great maps on the hot maps page. Sweet sauce. Your maps always have the best atmospheres.


Fun map. The top is really fun.
Demo Data


Jump up from below it.


didn't like key under thwump