Exotic Islands

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Author Evil_Sire
Tags action author:evil_sire mine-jumper rated rocky
Created 2008-11-11
Last Modified 2008-11-11
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description Enjoy this quick action/mine-jumper map I whipped up for y'all

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ok, as you wish.

if you want to be so stupid to not help someone here.
Fine, go get some friends.


Generic and tired, but quite slick in design. The basics are almost down, now you need to let your imagination run a little.


Gimme an S!
Gimme an N!
Gimme an I!
Gimme a P!
Gimme an E!


Now please, go away.
but a LOT more of u. good job

It's not a concept

it's just a simple map.


Go antisniping!

pretty fun

i like the concept, 4.

Thanks sniper

it shows you really care.


Im happy with my style too. It all just depends on whether you like contrasting shapes, or other elements, more than others. Attractiveness is just an objective matter. And not spamming objects.


I think my maps look nice. I'm happy with them, and that's (one of the things) that matters.
But I have aesthetics too.


I like my rocky style :P
a nice challenge. 4.

I think (and this is about your maps in general, not so much this one.) that you need to work on your aesthetics. Your average map is not so pleasant to look at. Obviously there are exceptions. but, just as a guide as for what to aim for next.
Demo Data

Pretty nice

Getting hints of hoohah here. 4