Shadow of the Colossus

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags 45520 author:astheoceansblue edit inoex unrated
Created 2008-11-14
Last Modified 2010-03-30
Map Data

Description A rework of an older map: 45520 []

(click the link and press back/forward to compare the two, I think the look is a VAST improvement)

I've had a problem with the tileset/gameplay for a while, PALEMOON's recent series inspired the edit.

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fantastic game. I still love it.

is what i think


This played better.

Totally reminded

me of the game. This deserves a 5
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really spiffy

although the original is more like the game, i feel that this one's gameplay is a lot cooler
as I type this comment


there's only one clump of gold that isn't attached to the figure, the tileset surrounding is almost entirely an atmospheric device. Fair enough, though.

7_2: The floor guard jump is my favourite part of the map: tricky at first but once you get the knack it's really fun. Watch my agd below.
While the original played like Shadow of the Colossus. It's just you and him.
I wanted to comment about that yesterday, but there was a 403 Forbidden error about my query being similar to that of a virus or bot's. It was quite prevalent.
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Ah, bler :p

I like this a lot more, I was thinking you two would be with me... what exactly makes the difference for you?

Not to say this wasn't a good map, of course.
It felt more classic.

Yeh, fiend

I was thinking about fixing that. I might still, depends if it's exploited enough.

@spudz: it helps if you hold your breath right until the end...

Oh and

on the very right, where you put mines on each side of the six and 2 tiles, you can jump between them and save the effort of climbing up. It's not a problem though, since I can only pull it off 1 out of 5 tries.

Oh yes and, I see your point.

Great job

And thankyou for getting rid of those two mines at the top. I was having serious troubles, before school started, on getting a run. But I still cant get a run. XD


the entire point is to scale the Colossus, not the surrounding areas. That one clump of gold is such a fun jump that I had to put it in.

Much better

I just wish you had done more on the left, though. Still a great map. Faved.

Thanks man

agd, this is INTENSE
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but the right foot looks a bit weird.
That's my only remark though.