Rough Terrain

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Author Evil_Sire
Tags action author:evil_sire rated
Created 2008-11-16
Last Modified 2008-11-16
by 7 people.
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Description HEAVILY inspired by AMLT, also my 50th map! Great for highscoring.

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Play it then? I need ratings. Want to know if it's good enough.
I don't want to let yungerkid down. :(


bland and boring.
frame-by-framers ALWAYS win. whaashaa!

5aved Evil_Sire. congrats.

by the way Izz, thanks for the slope tip in you demo. it definitely works. :)
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Faster AGD

Still Crap
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a bit boring, bit fairly fun for highscoring. 4aved.
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And however you put it, that's a whole lot shy.


How could it be a fact. It was a guess sunshine . An accurate guess by the looks of it.

4 actually

Get your facts right sunshine.

I agree with atob.

Nothing special here. This probably took 3 minutes to make.

The problem

is that literally anyone could build this. It's far too obvious.


I'm not sure yet. There isn't enough activity on it yet for me to make that decision. It seems well built, though.


That makes my example quite relevant :P


too bland and unimaginative for my tastes.

If you're going to build something as simple, even if it is good for high-scoring, I'd recommend building the surrounding areas to produce some kind of atmosphere or flair to enhance the limited gameplay.


Hey Meta

Like the reserve forum?
So far.
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This is not my fastest. It would have been probably, but I did a corner to perpendicular jump that screwed me up.
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Wow, we had the same idea. Check it out, its basically an extropolation of this concept. 3.5, amlt did it better tbh.
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