N Stadium

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Author n_5232014
Tags author:n_5232014 incomplete rated
Created 2005-10-01
by 50 people.
Map Data

Description What do you say?! It must be real art!
You watch the first N football match!
FC N plays againat AC Drone, and the Ns have the ball!

PS: Don´t play the map, just look at it!

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not that anyones gonna read this comment,,,a couple of years late but eh...5aved

New Stadium

I made a new N Stadium (It´s a new version of this)
I think it is really great, even greater the this here.
I want to delet the old N Stadium soon, so if you have rated on it you may rate the new,too!
and here is the link to "N Stadium 2":



Do you want to know how I made this map or how do you make maps on your one? (in the second case open N and push "Ö" on you clipboard. you will see a menu in which each option is sign with a letter. Klick the letter on your clipboard to open the option.... It´s to difficult to explain your that here, but there is a description of editing maps in N v.1.0, I think)


how u make map?

how do you make a map????????????????

how u make map?

how do you make a map????????????????


Wow. That's all I can say. I'm giving you a 4.5 because that was the BEST N Art I've ever seen. EVER!


Pure Genius


That is Pure N Art. 5/5.


That's... just... wow... nice work.

Holy crap

That is just N art at it's best. So badly deserves a 5.

oh yea

the field looks soooo perfect man, great great work.
worthy of a 5.


What a rubbish comment! DDAs are non playable, yet you can give those fives?

5/5 for this, veryvery cool.


It didn`t take so long to make this map I thnik circa 1 hour.
But it´s one of my best maps,but I worked much longer on some other maps and they are less rated.
I´m happy thet you all like my map, thank ypu!!!



rokcs1 how long did it take you to make it?

nice art, but...

i noticed that FC N have only 10 players, unlesss one was sent off, its a glitch lol

but 4/5



Im impressed.

Too good...
*goes to kill myself*



I must say, this is pretty good N art. However, as a rule, N Art maps can't ever get a 5, because they're not playable maps, and they're only pretty to look at for so long. Still, a very good 4/5 for you. The effort you must have spent on this must have been enormous.