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Author heatwave21
Tags author:heatwave21 featured playable race rated rockets
Created 2008-11-17
Last Modified 2009-01-03
by 63 people.
Map Data

Description Dedicated to _destiny^- for wanting this so bad.
This one's gonna get hectic.

Oh yeah, not a single 1 tile used.
Demo coming soon... included!

Dronie Nomination [] for race map of the year, finishing in second place. (2008)

This map was featured on 2009-08-13

Deadline by heatwave21 is the pinnacle of his race maps. The Map is full of intensity from start to finish as rockets chase you through the whole map. I'm surprised on how the clusters of tiles can make the map flow so well. The Gameplay is astounding with rocket, mine, and drone close calls along with its beautiful aesthetics, showing that it's quality was fully worthy for it's Dronie Nomination. — eternal_moonlight

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Speaking of Cream [] :D
God I'll be broke in a couple of weeks.


I don't get chocolate either. ;_; Then again, the demand for chocolate is very low in my house (along with ice cream), so maybe I'll try asking for some more nowadays. :D

Speaking of chocolate, lol
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What in the review

Let's see. Hmm. You're talking an awful lot about how nice ice cream tastes, but not about the map. Hehe.

Also, I'm the lead shopper for these two weeks. Hehe. But the list of chocolate demand is huge. It seems she's been hiding chocolate in the back of the cupboard so she can sneak it out and spend the day eating it with the baby which is mean when I'm not here because I'm at some random dudes home putting in some tiles. Although it has advantages after because if the guy is cool he'll come for a beer after.
So I can relate. ;)

Speaking of ice cream, what did I do wrong here?

(Don't waste your brain thinking about the relationship to ice cream and a death demo; there isn't one.)
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Haha Riobe []. MMMM ice cream. Without a hyphen! I remember it. I don't like chocolate though so when my wife goes shopping I never get any ice cream ;_;

And I have a full time job although I've got a couple of weeks off. Although some bastard is harassing me over the phone he wants some dude called Steve the Baker in Scotland. I'm not a baker and my name is Noel. I'm a tile-fitter. ;_;


this isn't a discussion man, I'm telling you as someone who used to run this, fully manage the roster, and knows the exact process. :p

Grammar and Spelling are just as important as any other aspect, they're one of the primary that the panel consider when browsing applications and a reviewer who cannot keep to the standard will be deactivated.


Flag was spot on about the review, e_m.


I mean, it's not the worst review out there. Anyone remember my ice cream review on New Years Day? C'mon, I know some of you remember.
I didn't like the aesthetics or the flow, too blocky. I don't care about whether the review is bad or not guys come on it's only his second give him a break...


found this in my user levels lol...
lovely flow and tiles.

and agd
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drones are a gimmick and offer no innovation, the jumps through the chute with the trap doors in the top right corner I often over jump, the flow loses its intuiteveness in the top middle and the flow itself falling down the left isn't 'intense' or even 'astounding' as the feature suggests, (unless astounding means bad). Worst of all the recycled flow felt contrived. Honestly, this is an average race at best IMO.
if grammar wasn't an issue, reviewers would be picked solely based on their knowledge of map-making, and I can guarantee you that I wouldn't have been made reviewer back in January if that was the case ;)




map, questionable review. Definitely faved.
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Looks like is isn't hard to be a reviewer.

Of course,

last time I put my money where my mouth was, some guy came through and asked if I even knew what the definition of a review was.


I disagree here. It's more about the map than the spelling. I do think he could have exerted the effort, but, since he didn't, no need to talk about it--hopefully the error won't be repeated, but since the features aren't editable, no use crying over spilt milk.

As for the review itself, e_m, it wasn't that interesting. Surely at some point in your school career, a teacher has told you that your English paper needed voice or character or something. This review lacked that. I looked over it, thought, "Same old 'brilliant aesthetics' deal, nothing new here," and gave up. Make it unique.


The review itself was good, or no?
..write your review then ... []


All you need to do is write your review then...
so I just search what I think is the correct spelling of the word in the Google box in the top-right corner (which i'm sure you all have). I'm either right, or it says "Did you mean awkward?" and then i say "Yes, i did mean awkward, thank you Google."

Actually flag

reviewers are expected to maintain an understanding of basic grammar and perfect spelling. Spell checks take seconds to run, and this level of grammatical understanding is a very simple thing.

We're right to criticize here.

maybe it was a typo

"hey, southpaw, i've got the finished list of new reviewers for you. cheesemonger, eganic, MyCheezKilledYours, rocket_thumped, mintnut, and Leaff."

"cheesemonger, eternal_moonlight, MyCheezKilledYours, rocket_thumped, mintnut, and Leaff? Okay, i'll go make them reviewers now."

Everyone shut the fuck up. eternal_moonlight, just pick good maps and no one will care should care about the grammar. It would be nice if you ran your reviews through Word before you submitted them, especially because several people suggested that on the last map, but it really doesn't matter as long as you continue to feature races. ;)

Once again.

Thais was a map in my review applacation, if my reviews are so bad, why would they even pick me to write them?




You wrote 'map' too many times, and as they've mentioned: It's/Its []

The map is a good map and one of the better race maps out of all the race maps I've played.


I just read the review.

This is my Comment.

I would have the Demo, but my Mind is not coordinating with it's body.
at the review.


because didnt get enough attention, did it?




Demo Data

This is great

I'd already faved it before the feature :D
no offense i still faved it i think
still worth a feature i guess.
gtm: no one would haved scrolled down and looked at your comment if you hasn't said that.
toasters: correct.
What I meant to say was, the theming was really inventive and the race was really original and well-executed. The flow wasn't the best in the world but that's not the point. Still faved from earlier.

Hey look,

Dronie Nomination.