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Author Meta_Ing
Tags author:meta_ing corner-jump hard simple-challenge-esque unrated
Created 2008-11-18
Last Modified 2008-11-18
Map Data

Description A really hard corner-jumping simple challenge-esque map. Made to teach you how to corner jump off of a five tile.

I don't know how to explain it, but I would reccomend getting very close to the 5 tile. You don't actually need a lot of room to pull off this corner jump. Double shift helps, but if you can pull it off with one shift key, (or with whatever key you use to jump) good for you.

Try to do this non-fbf if you can.

As with most of my simple-challenge-esque maps; ratings disabled.

I'll post a demo when I get one (which may or may not take a while...)

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can't do it

Demo Data
it was so much easier
I don't know if we'll ever see speedruns again.

infunity is borked

I do use v5

But this is probably something I should put on the forums. I'll probably get around to it later. Thanks

completion demo

Does anyone know what's wrong with Nreality? And some of my demo's seem to be getting overwritten by newer demos?
Demo Data
I have a 542 frame demo there.


can you give me a demo please?

I tried

and I failed, as I felt my self-esteam lower

Demo Data

I can barely do it

It's really hard.

Well kudos if you manage to do it, especially non-fbf.


I jsut can't. ):


fun challenge.
Demo Data


You commented on my map a while ago, found here -

I would just like you to know I have made alterations to this map, as requested by you and some other people.
The new map is here -
Have fun,
~Ben - gonzo3100 - nooby map guy.

I completed this, btw. Nice! 4/5


I had a demo, it had two corner jumps, one pulling of a normal corner jump, and one a perpendicular corner that led me away from the exit switch. Then, I died.


Sorry about this

But please check your PM's.


It's very hard. My demo shows you how to do it but I don't know if it'll help you pull it off.

No Idea

I canĀ“t pass the map

what type of ded do you want unless someone else snags it?


Kk, map it is


A tileset, a tileset or a map?

...Tough decision... =P

A map would be good.

ok meta_ing

you won the ded, would you like a tileset or a tileset or a map?


xaelar's demo is fbf'd (and I'm not sure about Road_rage's, but still...

I know

Watch road_rage's and xaelar's demos on this map []. Not only do they pull this off, they do it twice. Almost (if not) perfectly...


That is crazy.

Here's a demo

Also on NReality. Faster is possible.
Demo Data


There was a way to cheat it before, so I had to. =/


you just made it higher.

It's not...

I've done it before... Once...
But it was in ned, and I wasn't recording the demo...