I Sploded It!

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Author formica
Tags author:formica bitesized dda rated
Created 2005-10-01
by 61 people.
Map Data

Description (Customary dedication)
This map is dedicated to all of those of you who have stuck random objects in the microwave to see what happens.

(Customary level explanation)
This is a DDA (Dont Do Anything) map, in which N survives the entity of, the laser fires to the outside of the level through every "terminal", and N _always_ survives.

(Customary backstory)
N- the rocket you see cannot be destroyed untill the laser has destroyed 9 out of the 11 control terminals from its remote, central location- if you do not do this, and the terminals are not disarmed, the rocket will explode, destroying the world.
After you have done this, destroy the rocket and GET OUT OF THERE! But, before you do, you must make sure that the rest of the terminals have been destroyed by the laser, or the forces of technological darkness shall follow you through your door and kill you almost immediatly after exiting.
Good luck, secret agent N.

(Customary random song lyric)
"Destruction leads to a very rough boat, but it also breeds creation."
-Red Hot Chilli Peppers

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good but

didn't have much character to it


in the style of Borat...
It was probably why my metanet forums name was the splodin' chipmunk. The laser part when they hit every nitch was the best part.
which i put as 5/5. I liked the little story, and the part KRADDA was cool too. Nice map.


Btw, Just so you all know, Don't put beans in the microwave to see what happens (They asplode and you have to clean it up) but anyway was very nice. Two things though, Launchpad heavy, whiich probably could have been avoided, but the second thing is that the rocket died halfway =/ If it went to the end it would've been much better. Anyway. 4.5/5.


you made me a ded...
(if you're confused, you didn't read closely enough)
He dies at the end.

I don't think

tktktk understands the meaning of this map, but it was really good.


that must have been hell to make 4.5/5


Amazing. 6/5.

fun DDA

didn't u also use this tileset for a survival level?


Wonderful map, Tiles are perfect...


how weird

its er very interesting. It a keep the rocket alive although it isnt. hmmm, could have been less launch pad heazy but then again, it had lots of close calls. Yeah, and the laser beam thingy was pretty good


i was never banned in the first place..or its just that im unclear of the definition of "being banned"


Except that, well, it was sorta hard to make REALLY close calls without gold delay, which meant I only had a few... Though, some moments I was quite proud of, like when N missed the laser by- I kid you not- one frame.

But, yes, anyway. I do agree.


I agree.

Craftymerchant: Why are you unbanned?
I didn't love it. Then again, I thought it was quite good. It isn't the best dda I've ever seen, but it was pretty good. I liked the tileset a lot, and I appreciate the fact that it was probably quite difficult to make a dda out of a tileset that wasn't made for a dda (even though I've done that as well.) Also, it relied quite a bit on launchpads, and nothing really blew me away. I gave this a four.
Oh, and I don't appreciate the fact, wellsj, that you're comparing this map to my map. That's fairly low-brow, in my opinion.


random objects in the...HAHA..oh man so funny


random objects in the...HAHA..oh man so funny




this is the best level of n game i have ever seen in my entire life!


way better than tattletale in my oppinion. although i dont usually like rocket-follow DDAs.

Yes, he tried to make the laser do that. It also was a lot harder, since this tileset wasn't made for a DDA.
Awesome. 5/5
did u actually try to make the laser do that or was it a coincidence?


a classic sub made with formica's style random pads everywhere and sweet tileset mmmmm.... toasty 5/5
to beavis this is a DDA meaning u dont have to do anything its juss a demo of when N can do


It was good, but to start with when i didnt do anything i died but it did it in the end
Demo Data


But, any other means of propulsion, and it'd lag up to all hell and run inconsistantly.

And, well, I can't make exuses for the partway KRADDA, other than- IT WAS HARD TO DO! It was either kill the rocket, or miss a laser shot.


The good: The tileset, the lack of gold delay, some great close calls.

The bad: Only a KRADDA part of the way, launchpad heavy.


are the best.