Turn On The Bright Lights

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue interpol unrated
Created 2008-11-19
Last Modified 2008-11-19
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Description Take my love in real small doses.

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AGD death at end

Another great map. Saying that on all your maps is probably getting old for you, but why would you change something that is perfect?
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I dunno, the atmosphere and the gameplay and everything was great, but I just didn't enjoy it much, at least not as much as idiot pilot
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my demo completely failed this map and i'm posting it anyway.
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Great map.

The bottom was a little weak, but the top section just flew. Fun stuff.

Changed the ending a bit, corner jumps aren't always the way to go I guess. Gah, this is addicting, I'll be coming back to this later.
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Nice demo

and thanks.
Excellent map, I like how open it is. Provides for great gameplay and room for innovation.
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great fun
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Slower agd :(

Thanks mallard.
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I like it.

It's still a little tricky up top with the 2 tiles and the laser. But i had a ball playing it, so, thumbs up.
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It's one of

my favourites.

The album, I mean.
I enjoy the album.

I enjoy the song.

Sorry, but I can't really say the same for this map.

Thanks lots all.

I knew it was almost there, thanks again ulty :)

And yeh, Interpol!


to the gameplay. I really do adore that bounceblock//mine//gold combo.
The upper area is much better too, and the level just looks amazing.
Faved. ^^
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Cool rocket dodge.
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edit -

Removed a few mines; added a couple of tiles.
Increased flow; decreased stiltedness.

Thanks to ultCult and mallard for the feedback <3