Justification to do a crime

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Author blackson
Tags action author:blackson rated
Created 2008-11-20
Last Modified 2008-11-20
by 8 people.
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Description Another out of styler. This ones betta.

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woooo. i do the same thing.

*don't tell (whispers)


IP me if you wish. Shortshift and sidke play alot of mine; we're on AIM alot, so that's two votes there.

i also like how you rate all your maps with your many accounts.

i like how

most of your maps have a defined path and then occasionally they don't and it's like "Woah."



too short!

the descent down to the switch was convoluted and awesome fun thanks to the lack of guiding gold stuff, but i felt the rockets could do a lot more if you made the rest of the map, or something

didnt like the gold

loved the rockets loved the mines. with better gold, i'd give this a 5, but for now its a 4.