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Author beethoveN
Tags author:beethoven cool n-art nart rated tetris
Created 2008-11-22
Last Modified 2008-11-22
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description I spent HOURS on this, load it and rate it PLEASE!!!!
not recomended for laggy computers
wumbla did it first (though he ripped it off somebody else)

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I'll look


Have you seen this?


but not the best teris video ever. 5 for the effort.

Pretty cool

...or so I thought


wwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too unoriginal

seen it many times before and seen wayyy better before


or rate it 1

you can antisnipe...


what can I say to that...
It was nice made with the loading screen.

yeah, I'm working on a game that is more original.


`wasnt as good as wumlas tho

well, somebody did...

I didn't snipe it.

I didn't even rate.

great, you sniped it...

well, don't make such a big fuss over it.

Most original?

I can get at least 3 or 4 diffrent maps that are almost exactly like this

awesome, tell your friends about it!

you didn't do it first...


is the most amazing, origional thing I have seen in a while. 7/5

well, this is for less laggy computers RATE


tetris []