sweethearts with cataplexies

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue unrated youthmovies
Created 2008-11-23
Last Modified 2008-11-23
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Description downdowndown

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Wow, awesome level.

There was nothing wrong with this.
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Great design. And that mine improves the map in my opinion.
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I see what you mean though

five. i liked the lone mine, agreed with ultcult, and loved your design as usual.

The single mine

is there to force you to make the climb up to each section. I think the climb up is a lot more fun than creeping through the top passages.

Try removing the mine and playing, you might see what I mean.


the bottom right looks like an alien from Futurama
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though i didn't much like the single mine adjacent to the exit switch


A really nice map imo. Ultcult took the words out of my mouth, although some of the mines felt odd. Faved.


Incredibly structured map, great design, enjoyable gameplay. I love the little room at the bottom, and the enemy choice was very good.