Three Days

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Author ZivilynBane
Tags author:zivilynbane featured majora mask rated skullkid tileset zelda
Created 2008-11-26
Last Modified 2008-11-26
by 110 people.
Map Data

Description Have you recovered yet that which was stolen from me?
That mask...

This map was featured on 2009-12-09

"I own the Happy Mask Shop. I travel far and wide in search for masks. During my travels, a very important mask was stolen from me by an imp in the woods. But it's a good thing i've found you. Is that not a simple task? Why, to someone like you it should be by no means difficult.

Except the one thing is... I'm a very busy fellow. And I must leave this place in THREE DAYS. How grateful I would be if you could bring it back to me before my time here is up. I'm counting on you..." — PALEMOON

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i'm flattered

you tell 'em

A few members of my family were asking me why the hell I was wasting time on this "stupid site" instead of doing something or another, and I told them it was a creative outlet, and they said bullshit. I told 'em to fuck off, brought up this map and googled a picture of what it's suppoed to be, and they shut the flying fuck up.

So <3.


I came here hoping to read all those comments again. Guess not. Still, funny to read after comments.

Maybe I should go ahead and rate this now...



You people are crazy... crazy...


Betrayal. :/

This is the best tileset ever made, btw, beyond question.

<3, again.

Actually I think that was me flag.
saying a comment and then suddenly speaking in bold is a great way to get others' attention. See, this got your attention, didn't it? Yeah. Thought so.

loved it,

was one of the best games.
@ oragami_alligator: XD'
The game was the best. I beat......after 3 years.It took forever. But it brought me to the gamer I am now. With a little competetiveness, too.


it was a legend and it became legendary.
great game.
great tileset.

"Most of those reviews were decent or great or amazing or all of them. Some of them were jokes. Some of them were poems/raps. Some of them don't even make sense. All of them are not by eganic and for good reason."

That made my day <3
And the trolling.

Awesome Map!

i think

it's wonderful.

I didn't get to read the complaints :(
If you're going to be a dick to everyone who doesn't have the same priorities as you do, please enjoy a ban from yours truly.

I agree that quoting from a video game for a review is a little dumb. That doesn't mean you get to parade around on your high pony like you're some sort of beacon for truth. PALEMOON has already proven himself as a reviewer and has done so every month since he became one. I think everybody on the current Reviewer roster has proven themselves to be capable at writing well enough that I let things like this slide because I have a team that actually reviews maps for you almost every day of the month. I even checked to make sure that I wasn't imagining things. I think we've only missed 15 days (accounting for our Reviewers living in different timezones) since this. [] Most of those reviews were decent or great or amazing or all of them. Some of them were jokes. Some of them were poems/raps. Some of them don't even make sense. All of them are not by eganic and for good reason.

A wise man once said,
"I believe in this:
Leave it up to the player to play the map and the reviewer to give a fantastically ridiculous account of what it is like to play the map."

All anybody does these days is bitch and complain and try and be the biggest complainer they can so that everyone listens to them. If you want to have the Featured system work the way you want to, go start your own map archive.
Thank you.

Yours truly,
NUMA Admin

I like the tileset although I have no idea about the game. 5/5 if i could rate (ratings disabled)




duo guang zhao

I fucking <3 Zelda

Good Job :)

Watch out PALEMOON you are going to get sued by Nintendo because one of the peeps in power saw that you quoted without citing. Hurry leave a cite in the comments. D:D:D:


As fucking awesome as the first time I saw it.

great review.

Brilliant map.
A quote from the game was perfect for this map. In my opinion (& a few others) only apparently.

Notice how most people are complaining about the review instead of the map itself? Since when did people approve of n-art features? This is the first n-art feature that I've seen where no one complained about it being an n-art (tileset, but same thing really). Well, basically it looks like now (because the author definetly deserves it, no doubt at all), and I definetly approve of both the feature and the review.

And all that "quote" stuff, well, he could have quoted it as "Happy Mask Salesman" or his official title in the games. But no quote is cool as well. ;D

& Mcky, me too, its cool to have a feature already rated and faved ^^


A good composer does not imitate; he steals.
~Igor Stravinsky

holy shit i remember this!
5d again

a bit ugly...

don't shoot me.
also I <3 moony for quoting Majora's Mask.

This tileset is the best ever.




I like it.EXCELLENT!!!