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Author beethoveN
Tags author:beethoven challenge glitch hard rated simple
Created 2008-11-26
Last Modified 2008-11-26
by 5 people.
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Description is possible.
gimme demos

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it doesn't work.

I cheated

hahahahahaha watch demo
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is that pikachu fram super samsh bros. bawl


far out, dood.


My first demo works for that map you posted in your comment, beethoveN. I'm having a little trouble getting the same height again though...

i cant

do what Meta_Ing does only this
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i cant

ever get the launchpad. i try so many times. help please.

try this

(Quadruple post)

Well... 3.5/5. 2.5 for the challenge, since it was pretty average, plus .5 each for both the speedrunability and the different methods.

15 frames Faster

This is kind of fun to speedrun, and I like that there are two ways to beat it.
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With launchpad, and surprisingly enough, faster because I think I skipped a step.
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Without launchpad.

This reminds me of one of AMLT's maps, only this one is easier.

Not sure what to rate it yet.
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