NM Ladder Sewer Run

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Author origami_alligator
Tags action author:origami_alligator rated sewer sewers
Created 2008-11-27
Last Modified 2008-11-27
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description IRC map with frets.

The theme was "sewers" in case you couldn't tell already.

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For douchebags only.



i couldnt tell

but your little help helped me

difficult, but fun.

the best part about this map is the structure. i like the drone paths too; nice concept. 4/5

I wish I could beat

this map.

O_A, pawz, MA, encourage me.

like the ends of the pipes.

Nice map

Simple dronepaths ftw. 4 and faved for future reference.

took me forever

to complete.. well done! :D 4

This is a thekthy map <33

speedy as agd.

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Demo Data

there a agd

i had so much trouble because it kept on lagging ;_;
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