The Epic- Part VI- The Floating Islands

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Author formica
Tags action author:formica playable rated
Created 2005-10-03
Last Modified 2006-04-05
by 10 people.
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Description N sighed wistfully as he reached the end of the caves, as he smelt the relaxing smell of sun, sand, salt, and dead sea creatures. It was the beach.

He looked at the sunlight filtering from the crack at the top of the cave, and decided to head there as quickly as possible.

Suddenly, a voice said "Be Careful."
N spun around, trying to see the speaker. When he found none, he kept on spinning untill he had to sit down from dizziness.
"Done?" Said the mysterious voice. "Good. Now, listen to me. Hello."
N croaked hoarsly, "Hi."
"Hi, I'm a mysterious unexplained voice!" it chirped happily.
N sighed. "Do you HAVE to be here?"
"Fraid so."
"But why is there always an unexplained voice?"
"Well, plot holes, mainly. It's quite common. Look into it."
"Could I at least know your name?"
"Well... you could always call me... muv."
"Stands for mysterious unexplained voice, see?"
N sighed.
"Anyway, I can tell you some information about what happened, but first, we've got to reach the temple of Undeniable Tackiness. See, only there can I do some magic, and help you get back home. The only problem is that there's a wizard out there, trying to stop people from reaching his temple. And he has some outposts immediatly ahead, in the form of floating islands. There's still quite some way to go, in which there are other perils over the countryside and seas- such as tribes of rouge Zap Drones- but the Wizard is trying to.. ahem... help deter visiters, by.. you know.. trying to kill them. There's grave peril ahead, but you must push on."
N sat there, as the realisation of the mammoth task in front of him became slowly apparant. Then, a hope fluttered in his chest. And a sense of duty. "Yes." he said, proudly. "I will stop this wizard, and get home!" And he said it grandly, too, accompanied by a dozen mysteriously unexplained majestic ochestras, playing a sweeping, wonderful score.

The effect was only slightly spoilt by Muv saying, "I like Strawberry Pancakes."

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not all gold, but still complete
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Unbelievably difficult. Just the way I like it. Always get killed by chaingun while running to door though.

And that is such a great intro.

wow!'re so close

nice intro

very funny stuff. i cant beat the map. i get so close but then i make a dumb mistake a jump into a mine. or i fall to my doom. or i jump into a laser. and one time i hit the enter button instead of shift :)

I hope he means...

One *more* for the intro.


im gonna give you 4 for the map... and 1 for the introduction