Double off the corner

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Author Meta_Ing
Tags author:meta_ing simple-challenge simple-challenge-esque unrated
Created 2008-11-30
Last Modified 2009-03-09
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Description A simple challenge based off of a previously discovered, but less known (I think) bounceblock trick. To complete this, you need to get a certain kind of double jump started on the bounceblock so that when you do the second jump, you jump off the corner* of the bounceblock and make it to the other side. The trick may be hard to do, especially if you have no idea how, but once you get it, it shouldn't be too hard. (Making it to the other side and surviving can be tricky, though...)

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*Or side... there's been some debate on which part of the bounceblock it is, since bounceblocks have no "corner" according to the game.

Edit - exit switch moved up a half a tile.

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Bounceblocks have no corner.
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I'm back!


And I still can't do it. ;_;


TFK, see if you can do this one. []

I love this jump

thanks for the challenge.
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so lemme get this straight ur upset when its easy and hard dude make up ur mind

I'll be back

I know I keep saying that, but I will. =P


Nevermind. I did it, but died. =/


No, it's not. Added a row of mines at the top to prevent that.
You're jumping off at the very corner anyways.


but its slower than doing it right
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I disagree completely... Unless you have some kind of method for that...

...or unless you're not talking about that one.


This is probably the only jump that I won't be able to pull off for a long time. Much harder than the other corner.


I'll get started on it


But can you add a ninja and an exit to it too?


your winner for ded (again)

would you like a tileset or a map?

I fail.

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To show you how to complete it.
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i liked it.

see my last map?