Spikey Ball Island

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Author SkyPanda
Tags action author:skypanda playable unrated
Created 2008-11-30
Last Modified 2008-11-30
Map Data

Description escape from the island of the spikey balls and the tribal puppies

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Atmospheric and subtle!
Demo Data

i bet roadrunner

is faster than any jeep :p

I give you

me take 5.
Never argue with a fool ;)


p a l e m o o n
I give you almost no credit in the intelligence department.




hahahaha i've had so much sugar tonite

I'll admit

the mine thing was pretty ridiculous though...


Well, you managed to call me: arrogant, my maps generic, and myself a jerk. I didn't actually insult *you* at all.

Just saying is all.
but I didn't start the silly personal-ness.
Unless you count calling your comments "forward and pushy" as antagonistic :/ But that really is as polite as possible.


you: this map is derivative
me: hey atob, people listen to you, go easy with the countless accusations, you're being really pushy
you: no look, he totally copied my mine placement, you alarmist idiot and champion of derivative design.
me: the mine placement is generic, you arrogant jerk.

How the discussion could have gone-
you: this map is derivative
me: hey atob, people listen to you, go easy with the countless accusations
you: no look, he totally copied my mine placement.
me: ah, but that mine placement is rather generic
you: but its a recent design of mine that I have used frequently
me: and you feel that gives you the right to complain every time another uses it?
you: well it comes down to each author having their personal style, and when another compies elements of that style it could be said that..

you or me: you're right, or
you or me: agree to disagree

To be honest that's how I thought this would play out, so don't go thinking I set out to attack you or champion anybody, because I don't.
I would like to point out that the alternative discussion did not involve a certain person calling another person an 'uneducated alarmist and a champion of derivative design'.

None of my comments

were meant as insult.

The 'uneducated' part related to your lack of understanding of the thread in question, not your general intelligence.

Alarmist? Certainly. You're needlessly alarming others of a completely misconstrued intent. My comments aren't designed to attack for personal reasons, I'm highlighting my concerns in terms of lazy design.

My designs are unique and creative enough to inspire trends on NUMA, that's an objective observation not arrogance. and certain authors rely on these trends to further their own designs, I give advice in ways to counter this and sometimes people react in a negative manner (hence my current attitude toward superstardomX_, but then you weren't actually paying attention to what had gone before were you....)

So here we go yet again: You've stooped to personal attack, you've insulted my creative ability, and you've set yourself up as some champion of the people when there was no need for any of it.

I really hope you feel justified about all of that, if it were me I'd be ashamed of myself.


just don't ask how many hours it took me to get it to here xD

i swear

there are too many cool authors around these days. i can't keep up and comment with everybody's new maps


great concept, not too hard once you figure it out. 5aved.
Demo Data

Looks awesome.

And plays pretty well too.

Freaking awesome.

Really, really, really great. Faved.


Nice level. Reminded me of Monkey Island somehow.
I thought you'd retired!



this level...

is wonderful