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Author beethoveN
Tags author:beethoven unrated
Created 2008-11-30
Last Modified 2008-11-30
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Description every enemy, just no mines. RCE

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Reminds me of my outpostal series, check my profile for details.

To much

in a little space....

I see

Perhaps you should have mentioned that somewhere. But in any case, my point is that such a stipulation isn't generally a recipe for a good map. But you managed to do alright.

the point was to have all enemys in a tight space.

You commented

while I was still playing the map. :P

More gold

Well the objects on this map are much too dense, that's for sure. And how the heck would anyone get all that gold? Nonetheless, I was somehow able to not only find a relatively consistent route but also to tweak the mechanics of that route to improve gold gathering. Therefore you get 3/5.
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Fast completion

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i love the idea very fun.

(can u see my lasts maps? thankz)