prologue: darker clouds

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue featured inoex prepareforwar unrated
Created 2008-12-01
Last Modified 2010-03-30
Map Data

Description a storm is coming...

This map was featured on 2011-06-18

If someone were to put together a chronological list of the most "important" maps in NUMA history, prologue: darker clouds would unquestionably be on it. When it came out it was quite unique (dare I say ... groundbreaking?) -- and it's still one of the best-playing elegant maps I've ever seen.

prologue is one of a handful of atob maps from this time that spawned countless imitations. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and featuring is a close second. — flagmyidol

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Agd (underclocked)

This map has a so perfect gameplay.
Each moves I do make me enjoy this more.
And the aesthetic was really innovative I guess.
I 5aved this without hesitation.
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flag, you rock. Can never have enough atob. The review is great, also.
It was actually readable.



gahhh just one frame away from sub-300
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almost sub-300

Demo Data

slow-ish speed

fastest yet tho
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anyone who thinks i was talking about balloons is an idiot except for mintnut who is merely british
I'd like to hope atob used my earlier balloons map for inspiration

: )


I started the balloon theme in that map, and I pulled it directly from here. So yeah, this did spawn your map, albeit indirectly.

One of the most deserving features for a long time. Brilliant map.


here's it
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and I didn't die at the end :D
Idk if you could call that an imitation. Regardless i made another map inspired by this, it just wasn't a balloon theme.

One year later.

and prove me wrong?

are you sure?

i find it hard to believe that it took 147513 maps for one to use balloon/blimp things with normal doors. have you checked them all? besides other people could have come up with the same idea without ever having seen this or other balloon maps. take the invention of calculus for example. i made a blimp map too without having seen this or any other balloon/blimp maps. 167245

So here's where it all started eh? Nice.

But yeah, I get what you are saying about the gameplay mechanics being the same, I guess it's merely the aesthetics that change.

And I guess every good design that people overuse and eventually kill was/will be created by you?

Pretty good AGD

Very fun map. I remember playing this awhile ago.
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this had great atmosphere, it was like that rhapsody commercial with people in the bubbles listening to bubble music...except the ground is sharper.


And such a cool close call, too.
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This is one of the cleverest maps I have ever seen. About as elegant as it gets.



I wonder how fast is possible.
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Could have been slower...

...But on the other hand, it could have been faster, too. I think sub-700 is possible.
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All gold.

I could have been faster at the end. :/
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I guess I must be

happy where I am.


you say something about a new style that was coming?

there we go

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Ouch ;_;

trapped. :(
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a g d

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