The Dragon of Smoke Escaping Mt. Fugi

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Author rocket_thumped
Tags action author:rocket_thumped drones featured hard nnrpg playable rated
Created 2008-12-01
Last Modified 2008-12-02
by 40 people.
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Description Made for that contest thing, it's a new spin on the snickety type maps. Several different routes, but very hard. I promise all the gold is possible.

Data may not work, I didn't have the orginal stuff so I got it from an outside source.

This map was featured on 2009-10-30

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present the map that sunk Neditor Nation: rocket_thumped’s TDoSEMF. The structure of the contest unfortunately involved maps beating this one on a points scale, which is clearly impossible. Admittedly, I’m a sucker for drone train maps, but the way this train forms magically at the end of the map, and the way AGDing approaches a near-perfect difficulty-curve, is breathtaking. In addition, r_t has crafted scheme-fitting tiles that simultaneously direct the drones while creating a wonderful environment for adventure. The result is a gym that’s so much more challenging than Giovanni’s it’s not even funny. — flagmyidol

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'twasn't very hard

All Gold
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wicked cool map

they come together so perfectly ^^
but I knew it would be featured before the next admissions, so.


i hate silly acronyms so much...


really really liked this review, thanks buddy.



excellent map.

fantastic drone pathing/timing and some nice, adventurous tiles.

First AGD

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Excellent review.

I might even dronie nom it... do this more often.

Also, I was going to feature this at some point too :3

fastest completion so far, the map's alright, some of the drone and mine placements don't seem to make the map better, at least for me...
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Faster yet

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I dislike you, you're too full of yourself, you never talk about maps, and there's no references to anything in your name.

There we go

AGD faster. Faster than lord_day's "Basic Completion" :P Oh, and this is amazing, 5! And favorited.
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i think i was dissapointed because the hype made the drones sound amazing. i see these drones as just good. and i didnt like how there wasnt a path.
After I knew a good route. This is about 10 minutes into the map... AGD
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awesome review

i understood it, it wasnt full of itself, it talked about the map, and it had a subtle pokemon reference.


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Good feature.

Insanely hard and fun map.
And I hope to hell it's my day; I can't check the forums right now.
dang this one was tough.
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What an excellent map.

I DID IT!!!!

that was at least 2 hours
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without cheating
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Hot diggety!

Route planning never was my speciality.


spent a lot of time on this. AGD.
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1 hour of pain, that was.

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there's not gonna be a champion in Pheidi's comp.

btw, this was my favorite of the gym maps. brilliant drones.


What the fuck? I understand your argument but rating a map down because it outsmarts the player first time is really pathetic, tbh. That said, the map was a little intimidating the first few times. But after that it becomes solid gold with its nuances and w/e. 4.5 up and faved.


Basic completion may be easy, but the challenge is getting all the gold.


That is the lowest possible rating to give to a map. Do you really think this belongs with the likes of those noob-DDAs and such? Honestly, that's ridiculous.

5/5 and favorited.


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wow a 0.5

thats a pretty harsh rating right there


bleak, i was very confused with the doors, i was uncomfortable with the mines and though the drones were cleverly placed to line up at the end, i really didn't like them. The theme of the map was also dull and everything felt horrible.

The only thing good about the map is the tileset, You could have made much much better of it.

Normally i would give this a 0.5/5 rounded to 1/5, but I guess everyone else loved it for the 5/5 rating total, so I'll play along with 3/5 for you to maintain your score.
but it felt fake. :/


great map very tough to get all the gold before the drones get to the bottom though so heres my completion

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Amazing drone pathing. 5/5aved

i did the same

as palemoon./