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Author tktktk
Tags action author:tktktk featured nnrpg playable rated
Created 2008-12-06
Last Modified 2008-12-06
by 35 people.
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Description So here's my Neditor Nation map. My enemy is the gauss turret. My rule is that significant jump puzzle elements must be included.

Lots of ways to complete this. Have fun.

This map was featured on 2010-10-25

There are few maps in my favorites that are sick enough to review even though I haven't actually replayed them in at least a year. Subtlety is certainly one of those maps.

tk3 combines fantastic jump-oriented gameplay with just the right gauss pressure in this floating masterpiece. The gold above the tiles adds a slightly different feel at the end of the map and the tiles themselves provide a ... subtle backdrop to a very gameplay-first map.

Most importantly, Subtlety manages to make the Neditor Nation restrictions strengths. Great mapping. — flagmyidol

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Albeit December 2008. The project has really been dragging its feet since then. Everyone's just too busy to do anything about it.

maxson, I think in some cases the map was submitted a good nine months before the contest for whatever reason. This may or may not be one of those cases.
I'm getting so old. ;_;


can never get enough tk3 :)

my only complaint is that sometimes when youre getting really good speed youll still get hit by a gauss, but thats purely from a highscoring perspective. so much fun, good feature.
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I'm glad tktktk came back to submit it (albeit only briefly).
nice job

Woohoo. Nice choice.

I like maps

where I say, is this even possible!

and it inevitably is.


Completed this a solid 60 times while judging, if you're wondering why I was able to write all that without playing it lately.


Is that a no?



Damn. This map is amazing.
And are you still back? <_<


Yeah. Been back for a while; I've just been too busy with Legacy Anthology/Ampersand to post much.




Nope, that demo works fine.
this didnt take as long as the others but still a great map, i dont know if this demo works, it stuffed up on mine then worked then didnt, can someone try it and tell me if i need to submit again

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800 points plz.
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to all

can someone try and complete my level inside n's brain, its too hard.


atob is with me on this one. ^^



A highscore run.

-3 gold.

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maybe you've set the bar a bit too high :)
The gausses barely work there. I enjoyed the top part.

The top section

is very well done though, the subtle element applies perfectly here. It's just a shame about the bottom area.

The gauss channels are fun, but all gold is very tedious and the jumps aren't particularly enjoyable.

I'm actually with Crescor on this one, as much as that pains me to admit :p


You're map is so good...

Fucking awesome.

I don't think anyone's going to be able to beat this.

uh oh

lord_day's gettin itchy for a fight :D

All gold.

Incase gym leaders can challenge each other.
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I was being slow.
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Tell me!!>?!!
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This isn't perfect, this isn't flawless.
It's fun, and presents a good challenge, but it's lacking something in my opinion. Not sure what...

i beat it

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Awesome map

Hmmph, neditors are going to be hard pressed to beat this. 4.

hay tktktk

nice to see you making levels again. can you check out my levels and tell me whats wrong with them