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Author incluye
Tags action author:incluye challenge nnrpg rated templex
Created 2008-12-07
Last Modified 2008-12-07
by 6 people.
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Description OR SO THEY SIE

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almost got a demo. damn..

That's the worst reason for not rating ever. D:<

this is too good

IMO, i am not rating, because i know 5 points isn't enough for this.

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your dda help

Creepy, isn't it? Get on teh IRC.
in the exact same second...


kinda slow but wtv...
this map wase amazing...
loved it a lot 5aved

AGD -1

Obviously Sicrus inspired.

Obviously completely awesome.
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the part with the floorguard and oneways near the exit was neat. 5aved.
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Wow, youre never on here but when you are its pure awesomesauce. The one ways were great, and i loved the atmos. 4aved.