Broke Black Mesa

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue nedcon unrated
Created 2008-12-08
Last Modified 2008-12-08
Map Data

Description For Nedcon.

I'll be releasing three *Very* separate maps for this contest. The first is most in keeping with my current style on NUMA.

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Lmao meta.

You /are/ a man of your word. ;)

All gold

sub-1000, just like I said I was going to do...

Decent run, could be faster, but I don't feel like doing it right now.

Favorited for yet another time.
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This is sweet.

Apart from the top section. Don't like the perp jumps. Anyway I tried to make something more original. Should I disable ratings?

I got trapped :(

Awesome map. I love you mine/gold combos. They are always good.
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pretty difficult

but really cool and fun to play


Digging through some old favorites. Once I found a path, the map had a great flow. Took me a while to figure out a way to get the gold in the right-hand floor guard room.
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not bad man

i really like the top and the left.
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because im so ambitous.
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Do you think this [] is an improvement?
jump. jump. jump
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Oh, Moony!

You're so kooky!


i played the map

and instead of being intense or getting all the gold, i just jumped around everywhere. very cool map. i like the slanted tiles and the jumps you have to make off of them, but

i got distracted halfway through typing this and forgot what i was going to say next. oh well :)

almost AGD and then i died, first try. pure brilliance--love the perp jumps.
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I envy you and your mapping skills. :)


(Watch Izzy get sub-1000 on his first try...)


I'll try again tomorrow. I don't have enough time tonight...

Thanks a lot :)

And Meta's putting us all to shame atm, you'd probably just kick yourself for wasting your time...
Great work. The atmosphere is amazing, the flow, the enemies, the style, the gameplay. It's all just so well pieced together! Nice job, man.

I tried to make an amazing demo with a cool corner jump, I tried for nearly 45 minutes, but to no avail. Maybe I'll try again another time. I do have a sissy demo on NReality.

Ahh yes!

I was thinking of that transition earlier, I completely forgot to try.

Sub 1000 is just a matter of time now...

Oh come on! =(

-1 again...

This is the route I'm talking about. Parts of this demo weren't as fast as my last one, though.

Going for a sub-1000 AGD now.
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I like this almost as much as most of your other maps. I just can't get over my dislike of the gauss rooms. I guess it's the whole mines+slants+gauss thing that's too hard for my skill level, but I just don't like them much. The rest of the map is fine, especially the top. I really like the tileset. One of your finest.


I was thinking of a different route for the part with the floorguard on the right.

I think so Meta...

If you shorten the jump up to the gold under the left hand gauss perhaps, and tidy your transitions above the floor guard?


kinda speedy
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Missed one again... >_>

Do you think sub-1000 is possible?
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Thanks guys.

And I was proud of my first agd until you came along with your actual ninja skills, meta :(


Loved the rocket part. Faved.
but i loved how much atmosphere was in the above section.

the multiple paths was a great idea; venture into the deep unknown whichever way you want and still leave with all the gold.

i think my second favorite part would be the beginning area with the slanted tile-jumps. very clever, very creative, and you somehow managed to achieve an all important simplicity.

gah i want to love it more, but i think im getting annoying now :P

AGD -1

I accidentally missed a piece.

Going for faster.
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Not as fast as my last.
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I wanted to go for a mix of high speed thrills and tense tight jumps without losing cohesion.

I think my fav part is riding the ramps down to the bottom left.

ah ha

got an agd now the upper right, upper left, and lower left are the funnest, because the rest requires more precision and slows you down, but still, well, you know.

ggaaaagh.. o.O
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so much flow ;_;
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Could be faster.

Nice tiles, they look good and play really well, too.
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My fav route

much faster :)
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Thanks man.

I spent quite a while refining this.