Mr. Nutter

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Author Riobe
Tags action author:riobe featured fun mine-jumper playable rated varied-difficulty
Created 2008-12-08
Last Modified 2009-01-11
by 25 people.
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Description Special thanks to Kablizzy, atob, and SkyPanda for playtesting. ^_^

EDIT: Wrong data. X_X

This map was featured on 2011-04-06

Mr. Nutter loves two things: Saw movies and normal curves. While most people might not think too much about a ninja strutting through East Village, Mr. Nutter saw opportunity. Quick as a flash he kidnapped THE NIN-JA and secured him in his manor’s extravagant dungeon. Here the ninja was informed that all his gold had been stolen and that he could either recover some and leave safely, or try and get it all and escape, but due to the even increase in difficulty as he progressed, he was most likely to leave or die somewhere in the middle.

- aerodynamic [] — Life247

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it's fine ska, lol

thanks aero, everyone! :D


also, no offense riobe :D

agreed with maxton

like 100 percent. i don't typically care for riobe's maps at all usually. but this is an exception..
This map is a perfect example of what I'm talking about.
Great map, though.
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innovated agd

2 more seconds :P
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Demo Data
great map once again...
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fastest currently, would like to see one faster.
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Swadloon says:

This is a pretty neat minejumper. The difficulty curve is just that - a curve.

Atob might actually approve this time - he did fave it for later.


that's the "nevermore".
Oh well, I love the map, better than the original product on Metanet. 3.5 rnded up!

and by god

i meant good.

this is good

like, really god.

Thanks guys.

totally fun and simple

really laid back take on a mine jumper, i liked it, strong 4
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Speed, agd later


Like what atob said, the transtition is perfect. The only problem I found was that the map was pretty repeatative. But still lots of fun to play.

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Excellent map. The simplistic design adjacent the gradually tough gameplay is fantastic.


i played this from the forums when it was extremely hard. glad you toned it down; it has a good difficulty curve, as atob said. 4/5

First try.

Sweet and easy.

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166.325 agd

<3 this. as atob said - great diffuculty curve and gameplay for all skill levels.
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this was fun, because it was quickly alternating between easy and hard, with the easy bits getting phased out
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First one up here :D Sure it can be improved though.

I always love a good minejumper, so I just had to AGD this before bed. Agree with atob, has a good flow to it. I give this a 4.5/5, rounded up. Even though there are a couple spots that can get annoying (such as coming down from the last set of gold), they don't take away enough to make it a 4.
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Fav'd for later.

I love the difficulty curve of this, it's really smooth.

Really fun map.
If the switches corresponded to the exits beneath them?
Nice and hard, just like I like 'em.4