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Tags author:ndeavour close-call rated speedrun teleport teleporter
Created 2008-12-08
Last Modified 2008-12-08
by 20 people.
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Description A fun map with teleporters which involves many close calls. Awesome to speedrun

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it was a bit annoying--rockets in tight spaces.

im sorry

but this is the best teleporter map ive ever seen :)if i could rate with 1000 i would do this^^

I mucked

it up in the middle because I was so surprised to have gotten that far...
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not agd though...
That explains it.


this is faster...
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Tried again

hope its better now

K commenting here

and Advertising.Submitting 3 in morning I think and 2 at night is my new rule of thumb
So here it is: spaceshuttle blues
Seems ubiquitous to me. Nice map tho, a 4 from me. Mind checking out my latest entry to the matt-pack?

waaa hard

but fun. The teleporters were spot on. 4/5


I never commented. I liked it fairly, although it could have been a bit better gameplay wise. I still liked what you did with the launchpads, and I liked the puzzling aspect given by the teleporters. ^^


wait im confuzed...

you and BE_nSPIRED thats same person right?
one day....

lol hey thanx for all the positive comments it's guys like you who keep people enthusiastic about map making, and your still my favorite map maker lol.

faster agd.

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lil faster.

Demo Data

8th try

very slow will improve.
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Can you chose one account *only* to use, please.


You're BE_nSPIRED?


i broke it
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no, I had it made before, I just now submitted it.


BeethoveN just copied you.

Chill Pill!

I remember that map. It was pleasant. I'll have to play this sometime later.

Only 2

But that was 3 months ago now. =]


like the bounceblocks =] 4

Its all good now

Now rate, comment and Enjoy Please!!
He must be awesome, nah actually just so you know the things stuffed up and its not showing the right map, when you load it though its all good
inspired by the map Chill Pill