With That, The Thumbnail Vanished

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Author RandomDigits
Tags action author:randomdigits chaingun empty-tag randomdigits rated wierd
Created 2008-12-09
Last Modified 2008-12-09
by 9 people.
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Description And everyone lived happily ever after.

DED to twentythree [] for AGDing this map [].

Comments, advice, feedback, demos and rates are all welcome.

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Posted on both as "Then, The Thumbnail Vanished"

Here is the remastering progress in 1.4 format:
Probably better, though.
Mine involved walljumping on the side of the laser platform and going between the mines to the wall the same way as when getting the exit switch, going up one set of mines and jumping back onto the laser platform...

Yeah. I think your way is definitely better. I didn't think it was possible, though.


Similar to that last map I played of yours: interesting but the difficulty needs to be toned down. I particularly didn't like jumping over to the left wall below the exit switch (but I also would've liked you to remove that leftmost mine on the laser platform and the two mines guarding the gold on the right side of the map). On the plus side, I quite liked the semi-puzzley-ness of getting over the mine-covered hump at the top. Nice one there. Oh and all of the one-ways in the map seemed unnecessary, which is more notable than usual because they detract from the visuals (IMO). But overall, it wasn't bad. 3/5
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I hope you do.

Because I haven't gotten a completion the shorter way since I made significant enough changes that my demo won't work. >_<

I need to make my levels easier.

Great fun

not enough time to get a decnt demo, sorry.

Hmm fun

i like these maps


I really liked this one. The gold above the chaingun looked kind of ugly though. The simplicity was great and it was deceptively difficult.
dont like it to hard 3

ps GTM so what who cares

Be N_Spired

If youy post here you're predictable :P

Agree with toasters

Didnt like having to run the length of the map at the beginning, but generally it was a fun map, certainly more challenging than some of the maps Ive found. 3.5 up.
cool jumps, but the 4 gold on the right is too hard, and I'm still not really sure how to get to the exit key properly
it's about a 3.5 but I had fun so I'll round up
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What were your favourite parts?


There is a faster way to get to the exit ;)


1st completion
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It's a bit difficult, so I like it.
It's fun, so I like it.
But it doesn't look nice, which I don't care about, so I give it a 5.