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Author apse
Tags author:apse drones featured hard mines rated
Created 2008-12-09
Last Modified 2013-05-21
by 11 people.
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This map was featured on 2013-05-21

Whenever I think of apse maps I think of adventure. There are usually risks involved and sometimes sacrifices have to be made. Four years ago, apse maps were very different. They were more about the thrill and the danger than the exploration.

Here's a map that combines the two styles perfectly - and set apse well on his way to becoming one of NUMA's best map makers still around today. — ChrisE

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Some of the gold should be removed. Gameplay was feh. 3.5^

Speed Run.
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thanks chrise! i like this one.
What the fuck was I thinking 4 years ago. Excellent Feature!

good feature. could represent most apse from 2009ish
i didnt realize the drone on top could get you when you were standing on the floor of the top tunnel =P

then i died
ask you credit, and send me a comment with the map page :)

thnx again cant wait to see.

very nice

I'm a big fan of the tiles, aswell as the gameplay in some parts. 4.5 up


someone would actually like to rate it?
This map=pwnalicious awesomelicious coolalicious fergalicious classicalious nicealious everythinggoodalicious.
idk why but I love it...hmmm will have to find the root of my dysfunction


lol heaps goood...


but a bit too many gold patches