Before Strife

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Author Korbachev
Tags action author:korbachev bitesized playable rated
Created 2005-10-05
by 33 people.
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Description Video game reference in title. Guess?

Well it's my first level in a while that I really put effort into. Have fun. Inspired by another level I don't know what episode it was in.

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But the answer is Cloud.


wasnt spite snipe...was it?


Is called a spite snipe. It's when someone doesn't want it to be top rated, so they give it a zero, and with that one rating, with 28 votes, it goes down to hardly even the top 150 action maps. I think it deserves here, but not a zero.


This map is like, so old from me, and not like, that good I thought. Well, whatever, never thought I'd see people playing this one again, but cool.
its great, but only a 4/5 from me


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Love this map. 5 and fave.
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Once it gets to the top, it automatically goes down a lot.

Just the way things work.

Unless this was a DDA


Congrats on that.


Top rated!

I kinda disagree with stepself, because rounded tiles are pretty much the only way to do it. There's not enough variety in tiles. Awesome map by the way.

I coulnt win

but i love this map 5/5. a new map for favorites. :)
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Completion. This level was a lot of fun, but I didn't quite like the tiles... the mix of curved and straight never sits well with me. I also liked how the hardest part is right at the beginning.
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