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Author gloomp
Tags author:gloomp featured minejumper pigeonholeable playable puzzle rated
Created 2008-12-10
Last Modified 2008-12-11
by 30 people.
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Description A real puzzle minejumper. Think your movements through.

This map was featured on 2010-03-06

My uncle Mitchum was a considerable ol' bastard; the dude used to tell stories like you share french fries, but that t'weren't the point, nor should it be. He swore to me that there wa'n't no day so sad the day as the music died, and big, bad, ol' Buddy Holly burned up in between twin engines and a whole lotta' screamin'. My name is Alabastair Crowley, and this here is the finest mine jumper I played in some time. My name is Alabastair Crowley, and the music ain't dead so long as we're still gettin' that sweet, sweet groove. — Slappy_McGee

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Good evening.

Plate. []


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i gave it a 2

mainly because the title, but also because the map


Good, but not feature-worthy. 2.5 up.
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anyone else notice that?


IMO, mediocre map, poor review. :/
...and sent it on nreality, this proves i finished it properly, and here is a fbf demo.
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One of you is right

someone has to decide who though.

First Try AGD

Twas fun :D
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First try AGD.

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nice map

slow agd
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but it was too short and too easy, i feel like a short mine jumper like this should a least have a couple hard parts in it, but i guess thats just the way i prefer them.

Oh what a beautiful review.


so close.

Good feature Slappy. It's a great minejumper.

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very nice and extremely odd review. I like it :D

Alabastair Crowley

aleeeiisterr croooooooooooowley

happy birthday gloomp!

Nice map

Seems like I've been called out :D
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...hey for every yin theres a yang...ima ask seifer if he can get a faster demo cuz he's pretty fast...

Nice demo

See? You're the one coming up with all the innovations. I bow to you.

Also, it's funny that when you post, it's always 3 posts.

... is the sub 600 fast as were going to get i think...
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... its all good i stole your faster ideas too..


...1 frame...
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Lil' faster

I stole the new jump from you as well as your approach on reaching the exit. For the latter I was would just lean over the corner, doing it as many times as it took to get it right. Your way is much easier to do and just as fast.
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...sorry for the spam comments...DEFENDED!...nexx if you beat this ima bow to your skillz...
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Demo Data


...ha beaten!...just slightly quicker jump route(kinda)...
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Demo Data


...fastest AGD again so far :P...
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Demo Data
@nevermore: ...really? I would never have imagined such a comment from you.

Anyway, I agree with Max_Ride. This is fun, but it needs to be longer. Either that or the maneuvers need to be harder or somehow more involved. 3/5
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perfect length and difficulty for me.


first time around, i read it "muzzle pinejumper".


...sweet minejumper...some great close calls for sure...5/5...

...fastest AGD so far...
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Go check it out.
Nice little minejumper.

Slow AGD

<3<3<3<3<3 - 1
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