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Author skyline356
Tags action author:skyline356 featured layers playable rated
Created 2008-12-10
Last Modified 2008-12-12
by 11 people.
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Description Widowed

This map was featured on 2010-09-16

Skyline is a criminally underrated author. Here we have a brilliant edge play map with a smoothness and intuitiveness you don't often see in these kinds of maps. Even better, instead of using one enemy as a theme he uses a handful of different enemies in subtle ways. There are several different routes to help you achieve what you want in the map, be it all gold, completion, or speed. — rocket_thumped

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Criminally, even.

I'm tired right now.
With 5 featured maps, our defenitions of critically underrated must differ :S

As for the map, I know good, or what I think is good, though for the time being I lack the ability to make something truly great.

Here is a speedrun, as I can't get all gold without putting more effort than I can spare for now.

I'm sure you appreciate feedback, even from me, so you should be reasing the whole comment.

The Game.
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Ha ha.
Skywine is a cwiminally undewwated author. Heeuh we have a bwilliant edge pway map wif a smoofness and intuitifness you don't often see in dese kinds of maps. Even bettuh, instead of using one enemy as a feem he uses a handfuh of diffewent enemies in subtoe ways. Dere are sevewal diffewent woots to help you achieve what you want in da map, be it all gowd, compwetion, oh speed. - wocket_tumped []


More multipathed than I thought it would be. I didn't like the gauss or some of the mines, but other than them it was fun and good-looking. 4aved.
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NOT AN agd
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And good feature, r_t. :)


I don't think that Cerberus is underrated because most people consider him a good map maker. Its silly to base it all on number of features, especially when he has so many.
good? yes. underrated? nah.

flag's right, though: cerberus is ridiculously underrated.

Cerb is underrated with 11 features, for example.

Yeah, Skyline's underrated in one sense. And nevermore was correct.


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Anyway, highscoring this map is horrible. Serious lack of flow.
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With 5 featured maps? Certainly criminally underrated.

Still though, it's a good map. I had fun. ^^


do /this/without fbf amlt ;]
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didnt even try
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Cool map. 4


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really good


on your promotion

You 356

I did it:


this was pretty cool

All but one gold.

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At map making.
Smart, original gameplay. Great tileset and amazing fun.


Thank you for the extremely gracious compliment, Linus. :)


this feels as original and professional as a stepself map.

what was I doing?

I'll come back to this when I'm more focused I guess
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