I Spy Through a Gun's Eye

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Author Lightning55
Tags action author:lightning55 laser playable unrated
Created 2008-12-11
Last Modified 2008-12-11
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Description An open-free laser shooting range. I love how intense this is. It isn't difficult and as long as you keep moving, you probably won't get trapped. That is no guarantee that you'll survive. Try for an AGD, which spans the entire map. The lasers are positioned so they don't all fire simultaneously, but rather a few seconds after each other, so that they can cover the greatest amount of distance and keep readjusting their aim to you.

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is when they shoot and u press ` or /, it still makes the sound and ur gonna always have to keep on pressing tab. thats what happened to me a lot! but i dont insist u put in chainguns. keep up the good work! 4/5aved

its like a survival for me :)

AGD = Ded

to anyone who can get it.

Still trying!

This level's damn hard! But this demo has the coolest move ever. Then I die. :(
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For the

unhale and unhearty.
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