Hotel de Chaude

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Author 21_Seconds
Tags author:21_seconds hotelofhorror rated
Created 2008-12-11
Last Modified 2008-12-11
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description "Welcome to Hotel de Chaude. We are serving Oysters in the lounge, and fish eyes in the Taekwondo Gym. Our staff are stubborn and kill with plates, don't get in their way! The exit is on the exit! And oh yes, you have 30 seconds to escape!"

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for the downrating.
i feel so guilty now :(

once again

agree with gtm.
looks cool

very nice

agree with GTM about the rocket, it restrics the movement possibilities around that section. Also, the mines could probably be tweaked to allow for a smoother transition.
But still, for a 3rd map it's pretty great.
I'm not going to be soft 'cause you're too good for that, so a 4.



and faved
Agreed with GTM's first comment; I think the rocket should've been another gauss. 4/5 'cause that was the only flaw and it looks great
Don't stray off topic =P


Ich hasse Deutsch


Hablo un poco :P



el hotel!

¿Habla español?



By surprise, do you mean the drone that comes out of the walls?


The mines are easy if you do it right. And has anyone found the surprise yet?
Demo Data
I can't figure out how to get to the exit (do I jump through the mines at the top or through the shaft on the left; 'cause neither one works). From what I can get through, it's a fun map. No rating yet


I voted a four, but it rounded the average 4.5 up. It's also a good sign you're using techniques from the veterans, I can see myself looking forward to watching your maps develop.

Oh erm

The rocket section was because I was playing a rather large portion of skypanda maps before submitting this.


5/5 by 2 people! I'm so happy! =D

Pretty nice

Didnt like the rocket section, but the gauss were well balanced and the mines were fairly well placed. Surprisingly good for your third map, sorry I didnt respond earlier. I can see a lot of potential in you yet ;)


Your maps are so good,I can´t believe you are new.