the magnetic fields

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags action author:astheoceansblue inoex playable rated
Created 2005-10-06
Last Modified 2010-03-30
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Description Action map with a puzzle-y twist. Pretty self explanatory; just remember where the markers were.

Oh, and it's ALLGOLD or nothing.

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if you let the thwumps push you into the blocks you can put the bounceblocks out of place so you can see the thwumps. By the way awesome map 4/5


What chimneysweep said. 4.5 ninjas.


Great map.

I love the way that once you take away the gold you can't see where the thwumps are. Nice.


40.450. Not nearly the best, but all gold.
Very nice map. Layed out well and plays well. 4.5
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i really like the mystique of unknown thwumps, because you learn to expect them yet the direction is unknown. my only gripe is that the bottom path could have been curved to make it less slow (i know its picky). i give it a 4/5, good work astheoceansblue ~


i got to here after plotting a course and now im feeling too depressed to keep going
ill try again later :)
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