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Author 21_Seconds
Tags author:21_seconds insanityisuponyou rated
Created 2008-12-13
Last Modified 2008-12-13
by 6 people.
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Description Insanity is upon you.

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this is one of the best action + race maps I've played
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mahi is wrong.
very fun
although i do gree with gtm
3.5 up


F*cking rocket, keeps killing me. :(


I didn't like the rocket section. I think another laser or gauss, or removing the mines near the exit switch, would've made that much better. 4/5 because the rest of it was fantastic.

Pretty nice

Didnt like the linearity, but the action was polished and solid. The bounceblock bit was a bit hard tho. 3.5 up. Check out my latest map-pack stuff if youve got any time.