Stars Are Not Shining Tonight

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Author Lightning55
Tags action author:lightning55 playable rated
Created 2008-12-18
Last Modified 2008-12-18
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description This map has taken into account any past comments that have been well received. Thanks romaniac. Please RCE. Also tell me if I'm getting better or not. I still feel like a beginner mapmaker *sigh*

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wow, that was from a long time ago.
"If the next person is PNI, and PNI only, he gets :"




you noticed lightning?

yea, Nicky's out of timeout, but he's gonna take another break on Christmas

on the 25th im changing my avatar to something special.


For all you know, it could be an honest assessment of the map.

I want more honest rates, not snipes or anti-snipes. Thanks O_A. I also want more comments :D
when done in excess. If you've "anti-sniped" then that is just about the same as sniping. Why should we give people who snipe bad rep but people who anti-snipe good rep? Both abuse the voting system.

I am backing lord_day's verbal warning myself. Please don't rate 5's just because you think someone deserves more fame, rate how you think the MAP should be rated, not how much fame you think the author deserves. You rating his maps 5 won't change Lightning's status in this community.

NUMA Moderator


When was sniping against the rules? It's not, it's just annoying.


What you've done is voting abuse, and is no different from sniping. Consider this a verbal warning.
I get a signifact amount of rates already, but I think you deserve more fame than you're getting credit for. And I'd honestly probably rate them 5 anyway :P

Lemme just save some of your 3s


I made you break 500 rates. :D


I've done all I can be bothered to do now.

Merry Christmas, and good night.
just honestly rate them.
But my brother (Vbulletin) said you didn't get many rates, so, being me, I'm going to rate them all 5.


for the comment 179. The beginning was kinda like a filler.


The beginning feels kind of thrown together; The rest was much better, and it was executed well, but it seemed like you cooked the map without using a recipe. A solid idea would really have helped here, as it plays in bits and pieces, though not badly at all.
The rest was good if a little unpolished. the gauss area was just frustrating imo. 3.5