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Author RandomDigits
Tags action author:randomdigits flow rated rce small thwump
Created 2008-12-21
Last Modified 2009-02-06
by 9 people.
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Description RCE this and any of RandomDigit's maps [] within 24 hours and receive the corresponding number of RCEs. (No conditions apply you may be late by up to 2 hours, comments should be constructive criticism relating to the maps in question, his ugly maps may be his best ones, demos are encouraged as proof that you have played the maps, RCEs will be given as RandomDigits []' schedule allows, if you think he has forgotten please remind him as soon as possible, the list below will be updated with names of the participants and the number of RCEs they have/will receive, the "small" print is over.)

Guitar_Hero_Matt [] - 5 RCEs - (Over)Done.
nDEAVOUR [] - 6 RCEs - 5/6 done.
Numby [] - 3 RCEs - 1/3 done.

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It had it's moment.
Demo Data


A bit small and packed for my liking, but still pretty fun!


Good for speedruns and speed AGDs, but I felt that it should've been harder to get AGD, at the moment, AGD basically comes with completion, though it's hard to make AGD more separate from speedruns in a small map like this one.


It's really short, but I like it. That mine under the locked door was evil. 4/5


if youve tried something once, youve tried something a million times.
love the twisted heart in the middle, fits the theme

And remember

To RCE the 02's in my map pack, theres a link in my profile for the whole map pack (The Arborist's Edition) or just go through my latest 5 maps.


Persistantly asking for attention is a negative stigma. But yeah, most of your maps are undervalued, although you probably had an easier ride than I did when I started.


I have tried that several times, but compared to this, it failed miserably. And toasters is kinda right.

It just means a crapload more RCEs for me to give :D


I'm pretty sure that's exactly what he did say..

just a suggestion

instead of begging (no offense intended) try to say "you comment and rate on my maps and i'll comment and rate on yours"
just a suggestion though
ok i have six maps, so heres six rce's

Cool map, nice challenge, first time agd
Demo Data

Inspired by

fishbone []'s map in my favourites [], made in mid july (except the words). Speedrun AGD:
Demo Data


Pretty fun, a bit short but the flow was nice. A little unattractive, but then again so is desperation itself ;) A solid 3.