Robot Manufactory

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Tags author:ndeavour hand-drawn image-map manufactory nreality rated robot
Created 2008-12-22
Last Modified 2008-12-22
by 34 people.
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I like how the image has a crayon-drawn effect. 5

Pretty fun.

It's very enjoyable. The picture background doesn't work, though. Although I figured that you already knew that. 4aved. I hope you get the image fixed.


the site is down...
does that mean I can't download it?


ok know i know. my n-reality had a problem so i download it again. know i see what you mean with the titel^^

nice map

hey good map i like it

Me too

The image didn't work, agree with ATOB but still cool.

the doors instead of nan, while not good aesthetically added something special to the atmosphere. The style was odd and unconventional, but in a good way. This map has artistic difference and vision, so a 4 it is. The gauss in the center was quite a challenge because of the algorithim y value, but the floorguard was a little unresponsive
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anyway, nice map, the image was great


finished it finally
Demo Data

Kinda hard with the image.
sorry, it was rather useless.

I'd recommend a few things:

A little colour to indicate types of paths, enemies, etc.. in the standard game, it's easy to differentiate on the fly due to the colour scheme. With a black and white image it becomes more trial and error which detracts from the initial play.

Just a few plashes of colour here and there - a la Sin City - would be enough.

Also, you need to make sure the edges of your image line up properly with the tiles, or moving about is going to be awkward and frustrating.

Hidden passages could use a dotted outline, or some indication of where the edges are, otherwise they're just a nightmare to navigate.

I'd recommend trying again, the image *is* very good. Shame to let that talent go to waste.
lol some1 give me the demo so i can figure out how to do it

cool 5/5


so awesome

lol i think you can guess what i'm going to rate it


Atob nailed it. 3.5 up cosidering how long it took you to make.



I agree with atob

however i havent seen anyone put that much detail into the image of an image map,
4aved for me


That is...awesome

I played it first

Then realised it needed nreality, and now my nreality wont frigging work...blah


sorry bout it on this map but needed to get your attention

Btw I worked hard on the ded and want to clear things up about it;sorry if I am bugging you
I only used a program for the words/font on the name because I couldn't come up with a design I liked, so I tinkered around with darkness and got the font.


Better then this advertising shit.


well can you check out my latest map?
The clock just struck 12 where I live...


i guess i really have no cause for complaint...

i just kept going to a new map and seeing "please check out my maps" or something to that effect.

forget it.

Err this is so hard

I'm really sorry,but I need direction...I really don't want to mess up...
I will only advertise on peoples maps that advertise on mine

just to clear it all up

pmd you back

and I think its okay to advertise as long as the person says its okay.
I do.

oh, and,

to clear up, i'm talking to endeavor. not palantini.


would you please stop advertising on every hot map?

it's just-- i don't know. just stop. people play your maps anyway.


If you don't respond I'm getting started.
Hope you like it.

Goddarn it

No one has submitted a map for like ever lol.
Can I please submit one? :P
*Palantini scratches his neck, then his nose, and finally his back...he is itchy to release a new map, especially since its a ded to Nding*

Ya know what?

Screw this.
I'm making a ded for you. PM me all the specifications and I'll try and release it tomorrow


I'm gonna slother you with advertising now...
weeks of effort. 5aved.

Pretty solid.

I tend to agree with atob somewhat. The gameplay is a little lackluster and the image makes it somewhat difficult to maneuver, but at the same time, the really well done image makes it extra fun to play. I'm unsure what my final verdict is.