Up and Away

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Author clovic
Tags action author:clovic featured rated
Created 2008-12-24
Last Modified 2008-12-24
by 9 people.
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Description Enjoy, let me know what you think.

This map was featured on 2011-10-11

I tried to find a map that is quintessentially clovic, and I think I did alright with Up and Away. This is so retro it nearly hurts to look at, but I find it just lovely. It's a bit of toughie, no doubt, but hopefully it will charm you with it's simple style and fast pacing. clovic does enough to make you think on your feet, forcing you to always be on the move. Some may see Up and Away as something plain, but it gives a simplistic sense of fun and excitement, which captures the very heart of N. — Orion_

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Well, the centre area is excellent. But the absolute poorness of the outer areas makes me wonder if the centre is just by accident.
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That´s not true. I just looked after him and you are big LIAR. He is doing soo well...
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I was just pointing out that we have come a long way baby.

ask yourself this:

would I be proud to have made this map?

If your answer is no, you probably have an inverted penis.


Are you suggesting this style is reminiscent of 2008? Because it's reminiscent of much, much earlier than that.
completing and AGD for a non-flowy map. However, it tends to feel amateurish due to the fact that if you lay some tiles (not very exciting ones) add and remove enemies until the map is completable, pretty much anyone can design this type of map. Most mappers at some point do. To this maps credit, this was done back in 2008.
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it's always good to see the light shone on clasic authors and clovic was certainly up there with the best. 4.5^
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sutpid laser

thats just my style

not much fun,

but that just might be my style.

What the digity man below me said.
I didn't feel like having to deal with the laser at the end...
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Done in by my favorite random bb glitch.
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not a fan

It just seems a bit too haphazard for me. Not that all maps should be rigid, but the different elements of this map don't seem to work together too well--and I can't find any logic to the placement of the gold or mines or bounceblocks.
the synchronization of the laser and rocket make the map quite hard, especially while going for an all-gold.

I think I've found the flow
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lol, funny death
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