Face the truth...

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Tags action art author:ndeavour face nnrpg rated scrimmage
Created 2008-12-24
Last Modified 2008-12-24
by 19 people.
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Description Scrimmage against Riobe, I wanted the name face-off for my map but meh, who really cares. This is a work of art, i love it so much. Rules for scrimmage tileset must incorporate a face and only one drone can be used. ~BE_nSPIRED

P.S. ATOB is judging ((o_O))

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O_O faved
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This was interesting. Favd.
Demo Data
your tileset was oodles better, and you should have gotten more points on origionality.


cool 5/5
N messed up the start position of the ninja, if you want one that works just ask, actualy ill try to fix now


but I like it a lot



OK well you have a lot of patience i would go insain trying to move the whole the over. thnx man, what i found is that you have to just ignore all the running at abnormal speed caution windows and wait for about 3mins for the data box



Gameplay - 13/20. "There was some neat stuff but it fell short of an action map."
Aesthetics - 5/10. "The bottom was nice but the top doesn't look good."
Originality - 6/10. "You really shown in this category."

Overall - 24/40.

Riobe -

Gameplay - 16/20. "Simplistic! It was REALLY fun to find all-gold routes to beat yourself. Awesome!"
Aesthetics - 7/10. "The face has that 'Hand drawn' kind of look. The objects were beatifully placed also."
Originality - 4/10. "The face is all yours."

Overall - 27/40.

Congradulation riobe!
and came here to say so, but you beat me to it


Upload that picture? Please tell me

mmm, nice

was the face wall-e's?
the begining was quizical on the first try, but made sense thereafter. The second rocket was not as hard as the second, and could have been replaced by an open-area gauss.
other that that, pretty great. 4 and my guess is that riobe used a seeker slow AGD below
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but can you log on MSN or whatever you use and check the offline message i sent you i need help with my first N-art


the face was cool

it looks like hidden in the tiles.



tells the truth
lol if it is i was joking i just wanted to use it lol its a great map 4.5


this is cool.
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More freedom please!
is there some trick?
i don't do anything and i keep dying.. wtf


really fun. 5.
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saved image
It kinda looks like mine.

O cool


Do you?

riobe, a stick figure would have lost it for sure


but you probably had mostly 5s...just by looking at comments.
scrimmae? See who's better. Hmmm?

And someone

just sniped your map...

What does

Riobe think?

but you guys

that was my rule, heres a quote from the email to riobe "hehe, um the tileset must incorporate a face in it, a smiley face/something face it doesnt have to be too complicated, just has to include a face :), thats my rule"


Can we swap favors, and you make an awesome avatar for me?
Just name the price.

oh and GTM

the rules were, the tiles must have a face, they didnt have to actually be part of play


I agree with matt on that. Riobe should have a chance to do it over.
ATOB is judging, though i did read his thread on map making and i did get some tips :)