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Author Lightning55
Tags action author:lightning55 playable sidke unrated
Created 2008-12-24
Last Modified 2008-12-24
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Map Data

Description Merry Christmas Sidke. Here's a ded for being a good friend and just being kinda special to me in a way. Spent about 20 minutes making this just for you (most of it was in playtesting, but....I spent the time)

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inside D was fun-ish...




"just being kinda special to me in a way"

republican senators in bathrooms at rest stops in the midwest come to mind...


Don't worry about Prince of Tennis, I don't even watch it anymore =/

And, no I really don't care about too much flaming, unless I'm not included in it :D


And yeah, like your avatar!
I was too afraid to watch Prince of Tennis though, for fear of it being... too.... Tennisy. ^^
but N's a douche, so I'll put this in my userlevels for a time when N doesn't run at 35+ms/f :)

Merry Almost Christmas, and then Merry Christmas, too!